Turning VET centres into green mindset advocates

Met-VET Project Press Release 1

Cuiablue OÜ recently joined a European initiative „Metacognition for Environmental Thinking in VET”: within two years, the partners from Poland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Estonia will develop a set of innovative tools to instil a reflective and forward-looking green mindset in VET learners by improving their environmental metacognitive abilities. 

The MET-VET project targets primarily VET learners engaged in distance learning and VET providers (managers and trainers) so as to help them understand how their VET knowledge and approach aligns with broader environmental issues. It aims to support the greening process around Europe and turn VET centres into advocates of the green mindset as European countries embark on a digital and environmental shift. 

To do so, the project team will develop a Metacognition for Environmental Thinking Competence Frameworkthat will help VET centres integrate environmental thinking into existing VET systems. It will be reinforced by a massive open online course (MOOC) “Metacognition for an Environmental Approach to VET” that will help students and trainers to understand environmental reflective thinking from their own perspective. Through the Reflective Digital Story Library, learners will be able to create own metacognitive digital story to explore their experience in VET from an environmental perspective. Finally, the VET Metacognition Change Management Toolkit will support VET centres and managers to successfully integrate the MET-VET tools and approaches. 

The project is built around the concept of metacognition – a process when learners plan, monitor, evaluate and make changes to their own learning behaviour. Students who use metacognitive strategies are proven to show more responsibility, autonomy and self-direction. This is especially important now when VET system is experiencing digital transition. MET-VET aims to combine this trend with the “greening up” of the VET sector through metacognition, or environmental metacognition. 

The project „Metacognition for Environmental Thinking in VET” has been funded with support from the European Commission within the Erasmus+ Programme. For further details, please contact: cuiablue.ee@gmail.com

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