RestartVET: An innovative approach to support VET trainers through the digital transformation of VET education

Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training

Project Number: 2020-1-BE02-KA226-VET-083119


RestartVET Project

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the employment reality of VET teachers and trainers. The continuous lockdowns and the restrictions in social and work life had also interrupted learning in workplaces, schools and the classroom. It has been particularly disruptive to work-based learning, including apprenticeships, and systems used to assess skills and ultimately award qualifications. 

Digital Transformation, something many organizations resisted for a decade had to be adapted at a fast pace for companies to survive and innovate during the pandemic. And it seems that this digital mindset is here to last which poses a special challenge to VET teachers and trainers who need to update their knowledge, digital skills and other competences.

While the pedagogical competences of VET school teachers are generally considered adequate, most countries point to a growing need for VET teachers to keep up with the realities of industry and changing labor market needs. 

RestartVET is an Erasmus+  strategic partnership program with 8 partners from 7 different EU countries that supports VET teachers & trainers in their digital transformation. The project assesses the current digital skills of VET teachers and trainers and develops these skills further via innovative e-learning.

Project Results

A digital competence map describing the profile of VET teachers and trainers on digital skills.

Training curriculum for VET teachers and trainers on e-learning methods and provided digital techniques.


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