Meta Skills for Adult Education

Meta-Skills for AE Project

As adult education organisations who were directly affected by the pandemic struggled with learner retention and ensuring educational continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic, all project partner organisations revisited their organisational digital provision and digital learning strategies during the pandemic to critically analyse the gaps in ICT provision, employee and learner training and support and peer-learning opportunities to ensure a stronger overall contingency plan is in place in the event of a second wave or a similar crisis in the future.

The Meta-Skills for Adult Education project aims to creates a clear and direct personal development pathway for low-skilled adult learners to ensure they have the relevant learning capacity throughout life using metacognitive skills. The project will also improve educators’ mentoring and guidance skills in educators as a service.

Project Results

Metacognitive Best Practice Toolkit

Metacognitive Competence Framework

Metacognitive Learner Interactive e-Course

Metacognitive Supporter e-Course

Metacognition Change Management Toolkit



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