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Metacognition for Environmental Thinking in Vocational Education and Training

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Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training

Project Number: 2021-2-PL01-KA220-VET-000050783


Met-VET Project

MET-VET will support the greening process and wider European environmental and sustainability targets and objectives by developing an innovative set of tools which support environmental awareness through a broader metacognitive knowledge and skill among VET learners, and their educators to support the role of VET centres as hugely influential educators as Europe embarks on a digital and environmental shift. Set within this context, this project will facilitate the adoption of environmental metacognition strategies, improve the environmental metacognitive abilities and positive mindset towards lifelong learning, upskill VET practitioners with knowledge of environmental metacognitive theories to provide support and the skills to train learners to adopt metacognition and raise the profile of environmental metacognitive skills as a core part of VET provision at EU and national level.

Project Results

Metacognition for Environmental Thinking Competence Framework

“Metacognition for an Environmental Approach to VET” Learner and Facilitator MOOC

VET Reflective Digital Story Library and Creation Guide

Metacognition in VET Change Management Toolkit


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