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Media Education for Aware Adults

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Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership  for Adult Education

Project Number: 022-1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000085196

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MEAA Project

The Action Plan for Digital Education 2021-2027 highlights the need for Member States to activate improvement paths to facilitate lifelong learning through the use of the digital network. For an individual, becoming a media literate (therefore being able to access the media, understand and critically evaluate its different aspects and contents and establish communications in different contexts) is nowadays an important prerogative to benefit from the numerous opportunities offered by the media company. Overall, promoting media education for a country means allowing its citizens to consciously participate in public life.

The situation forces us to rethink the way education and training are designed and delivered to meet the needs of a rapidly changing and increasingly digital world and has highlighted the need to strengthen the digital skills of educators who do not have the tools to support adults in this change process, and enable organizations working with adults to broaden their educational offer and have new open source digital tools.

Project Results

Result 1 – “Adult educators/trainers Digital Competences Framework”

Result 2 – “Handbook-Media Education for Aware Adults”

Result 3 – “Online platform and training material on MEDIA EDUCATION”

Result 4 – “Recommendations”





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