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Retrofitting Green Elements into existing vocational training provision

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Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training

Project Number: 2021-1-DE02-KA220VET-000034687


RetroVET Project

RetroVET is a project that directly supports the European Green Deal as a new growth strategy and recognises the key role of vocational training for a successful transition to climate neutrality by 2050.

RetroVET aims to adapt vocational training to future labour market needs by supporting the development of innovative tools that will inspire VET centres to offer a balanced mix of vocational skills linked to existing and evolving occupations and working methods.

RetroVET adapts today’s VET provision and jobs to meet the needs of the future European labour market, increasing long-term employability and sustainability.

The European Green Deal is also our lifeline to leave the COVID-19 pandemic behind.

Project goals

  • Develop and promote a green culture among VET institutions
  • Bridging the skills gap between VET centres that have successfully adopted green skills implementation practices, facilitating the integration of VET centres that have not adopted ICT practices
  • Develop collaboration through a collaborative peer mentoring and performance improvement tool/framework for European green competences in VET training
  • Leverage the multiplier structures of European VET networks and regional hubs to embed ICT skills change in VET centres across Europe.
  • Promote and facilitate green skills learning through interdisciplinary collaboration and peer-to-peer learning between European VET centres, practitioners and stakeholders.


  • Handbook: Have a look at other examples on Green Skills integration in VET.
  • Benchmarking Tool: Get insights into the current level of your green approaches.
  • Matching Tool: Connect with other SMEs and share knowledge and experience.
  • Facilitator eCourse: Enrol on a self-study course that can improve your skills.


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